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21/06/2018: Recursion

Thank you Erik-Jan for the interactive and last MSDSlab of this academic year. Erik-Jan’s presentation can be found here. The MSDSlab meetings will be back in September.   Original post: The... Read more →

08/02/2018 – Text Mining

Thursday 08/02/2018 at 15:00 in room B1.09 This meeting, Ayoub Bagheri (M&S, UMCU) gave an introduction to text mining in general and some of his work in particular. Here’s a quote: Text mining... Read more →

Introducing: MSDSlab Sessions

Introducing: MSDSlab Sessions Data science is not only attending talks and discussing methods, but also analysing datasets and practical problem-solving. A true data scientist knows which methods to use as... Read more →

16/11/2017 – Variational Inference

For the presentation, click here: Variational inference (PDF, 461KB) Thursday 16/11/2017 at 15:00 in room B1.09 How to estimate (incredibly) complex models? With machine and deep learning algorithms, we can model very complex systems. One... Read more →

MSDSlab Meeting 01/12/2016

CANCELED due to illness This meeting will be in our regular room at the regular time: SGG B1.09 at 14:00 Topic:  Comparing predictive model performance on reconviction data Preparation: Read... Read more →

MSDSlab Meeting 17/11/2016

 Boosting: fun and delicious. Erik-Jan explains boosting while gesticulating wildly The group launches into a tense competition for the ultimate error rate Maarten is the cunning champion of the spiral... Read more →

MSDSlab Meeting 03/11/2016

This meeting was on Thursday at 14:00 in room A3.17. During this meeting, Kees introduced Support Vector Machines, a famous “black-box” classification and regression method. For those who want to try out... Read more →


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